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Run for the Money

Run for the money,
But do cents make sense?
If you save it all up,
Can you still pay the rent?
Plastic money,
Is now a modern, average, thing,
You know there are no presidents on it,
But makes you spend like a king.
Buy what you like,
You know it's the season,
Don't buy toys or cars,
And you're treated with treason.
Maybe it could be fun to live,
With just honest love,
No cares or worries,
And no push and no shove.
But it's not like that now,
There's just too much burden to hate,
We have to escape it,
And toss it away.
Someday it'll change,
Maybe in a hundred years,
But people keep buying,
And living with tears.

©1999-2018 Steve Bujanow

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