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Am I a yes man?
I say no man,
But in the dense jungle,
I could be named Tarzan.
How do you see me?
What do you see outside?
Most eyes will blink,
But most are blind.
Does your species love you?
Do you have charm?
Or are you just a person?
With two legs and two arms?
Separate but equal,
That's what they had to say,
Like the color of your skin,
Would determine your day.
It's as far as I can go,
I don't know the rest,
Math is my hated foe.
If X is the answer,
To the question that you've asked,
Will it mean anything at all?
If placed on a boring graph?
Y is another variable,
To look at both ways,
Y= why?
What else can I say?
You learn about numbers,
But what good does it do?
Only confusion and frustration,
That adds up to nothing new.
We all push buttons,
On those big, tall machines,
To get a cold drink,
Or make your clothes smell clean.
I wonder,
Will you become a junk food junky?
You won't get fat,
If you are very, very lucky.
Get out your change,
Push it through the slot,
Instant satisfaction,
It's what you got.

©1999-2018 Steve Bujanow

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