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Liquid Wall

I drank a pouring rainstorm,
While climbing a liquid wall,
I was watching veins through mud,
And Mother Nature showed me all.
When there are no strings attached,
You can't use your fancy kite,
Let the wind guide you on,
And take a pleasant flight.
If, the ashes have been burned,
Only some will rise from it,
But if you're like the bird,
There's no such word as quit.
Some things seem so absurd,
You have to sit back and just laugh,
Crying will not help,
Don't get caught in the trap.
School is just a place,
Where are minds will come and go,
Sometimes it seems so hard,
And sometimes it's not so.
What is the point?
Just living makes you smart,
See what works for you,
And take it all apart.

©1999-2018 Steve Bujanow

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