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I'm glad I'm human,
I'll make a statement to the world,
I'll strut around my town,
And won't be stuck like a jailbird.
I have opposable thumbs,
And I can write with a pen,
I'll make up weird phrases,
Then start up all again.
Wrap me in a blanket,
Even though I'm warm blooded,
I still need the warmth,
And all the comfort.
I love the earth,
Then again not really,
Then again I do,
But then again not certainly.
I want to be friends,
With the mind of myself,
Does it sit in my head?
Or rest on a lonely shelf?
I can't see it work,
But I'm sure it's somewhere,
Because "I think therefore I am"
It's invisible but still there.

©1999-2019 Steve Bujanow

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