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Life's gift

The colors of the sky,
Some bold and some not,
Always make you notice,
So they won't be forgot.
The sun shines through a crack,
Near an old railroad track,
My life's now returned,
Now to travel and come back.
Standing true,
Under the bright rainbow zoo,
It has big colorful animals,
That look oh so cool.
Spirits run high,
When you're wet and not dry,
I don't know the sea,
Until I climb close inside.
Step, walk, run,
And listen everyone,
For life is a gift,
And changes will always come.
People just don't listen,
To what others have to say,
And it's always too late,
When they're old and when they're gray.
Music is an envelope,
Stuck there all alone,
Forget to put on postage,
And it moves just like a stone.
Happiness comes back,
And I'd really like to share,
Get two hearts together,
And then I'll have a pair.
Everything's not that bad,
As I didn't always see,
My eyes now wide open,
In the true and blue deep seas.
Some things will change,
Because time moves back and forth,
Like a nice, warm, winter fire,
Or a really bad divorce.

©1999-2018 Steve Bujanow

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