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Van Gogh to the Studio

Give me the truth,
Either yes or no,
It has to be one,
It can't be both.
Does it work?
Fast or slow?
Let it stop,
Let it go.
The alarm goes off,
Like a cackling crow,
It's very loud,
It wants control.
It's cool that I can, say, hello,
For both of your ears,
In stereo.
Oh look,
Here he comes,
The no show,
He thinks he's so tough.
The scarecrow sits bored,
Not making any dough,
He doesn't like his job,
He thinks it's so-so.
Studio, studio,
I'd share it with Van Gogh,
I'd learn from what he'd say,
I'd learn from what he'd tell.

©1999-2019 Steve Bujanow

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