The Band   Bytes  

Stop Thief!

Stop thief!
Stop thief!
You've stole my words unique.
I just got mugged,
By a thug,
And my creative thoughts are weak.
There is no honor,
Among all thieves,
You know he does,
As he will please.
He lives to steal,
This is for real,
Taking my ideas with ease.
He is known as senor writer's block,
He works and works around the clock,
And just when my writing starts,
He tears and rips it all apart.
He caused my mind,
To sail then sank,
He is not ever welcomed,
Or even thanked,
He comes and goes,
He goes and comes,
Almost like,
He robbed a bank.
He is such a bad criminal,
That should be locked in jail,
He is so very elusive,
And always makes his bail.

©1999-2018 Steve Bujanow

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