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Be Unique

Death defying feet,
Walking across the busy street,
The cars wheeling and dealing,
A honk to everyone they meet.
Looking for the cool million,
Oh my word is what I'd say.
Playing the freezing lotto,
At every minute of every day.
It's a good call if you get it,
According to the noisy gallop poll,
Everyone runs like horses,
Instead of taking a quiet stroll.
Escape to find survival,
In the city or near the fields,
Locate your safe haven,
That gives you all the appeal.
So we drink the spot of tea,
Not on the corner or on the dot,
Taste it when it's hot or cold,
And have it with the lot.
The simple words we put across,
May not always be real deep,
But some in this big, blue world,
Are trying to be unique.

©1999-2018 Steve Bujanow

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