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The Visitor

The alienated alien,
Is coming from afar,
Standing there akimbo,
From a planet beyond Mars.
He likes to watch art films,
And also likes Art Deco,
He thinks with two brains,
And is a modern sort of fellow.
Earthlings seem dumb,
Boring and very dense,
They fight about nothing,
And do not make any sense.
There are 26 letters,
In the English alphabet,
But he knows not one,
Because he speaks telepathic.
This alien might shoot a gun,
But he would prefer to shoot a laser,
He'd go by plane,
But rather fly in a saucer.
He'd go get a haircut,
But he has no hair,
He'd go to the moon,
But he's already been there.

©1999-2019 Steve Bujanow

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