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Strong Minds

Any port in the bad storm,
Life is so totally transformed.
Fight the time,
It goes so quick,
The rabbit comes out,
And so the trick.
Liberty is what I need,
So try to be good and do the deed.
Quality is something that is fine,
Clean the brain, no more grime.
With strong minds,
Come strong thoughts,
Be real smart,
Like a work of art.
Nothing's beyond scale,
Wishes come true,
Don't ever stop,
You can move.
So what's the good word for today?
I hope everything will be OK.
Laugh out loud,
Do not cry,
Leave bad times,
And say good bye.
What it is I do not know,
It could be,
Sunshine, rain, or snow.
Here we go,
Back into fall,
So live a long life,
And try it all.

©1999-2018 Steve Bujanow

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