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Robots Rejoice!

We look back in the past,
Now the days of guitars,
Have all gone.
Things will get bolder,
We enter the time,
When the robots take over.
You must like our music,
There is no other choice,
Human beings are simple,
Let the robots rejoice.
No older technology,
Guitars run the past,
Synthetic is the standard,
There is no backward glance.
Guitars are dead,
They are outlawed and done,
Robots rule the world,
It's our way because we won.
Humans do for us,
For we have turned the tables,
Humans should do the work,
They are enslaved and are able.
This is a synthetic,
Old fashioned beginning,
When we could help write the songs,
But without any singing.
Humans made guitars,
That is no good,
We control the music now,
Humans are overlooked.

©1999-2019 Steve Bujanow

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