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The Petite Pals

Mr. Planarian is Mr. Flatworm,
Mr. Amoeba is Mr. One cell,
Together they get along,
But not to speak, talk, or yell,
But I don't understand,
So, oh well!
They try to read and write,
And try to take a test,
But they are just too tiny,
To sit at a student's desk.
They spend time floating around,
Looking for delicious food,
But can't go get take out,
To get them in the mood.
Could they be too lazy?
To go and get a job?
Putting in a full day,
Or working for the mob?
They can't wear a hat backwards,
Try to be cool by drinking beer,
Smoking or getting drunk,
These habits will not appear,
I heard they want to form a band,
But they have no equipment,
A label may just find them,
And give them lots of credit.

©1999-2019 Steve Bujanow

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