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Double Take

Which do you claim?
These dudes have different numbers,
But their temperatures
Are still the same.
But the vertical and horizontal,
These guys give me the double take,
Because one wants to go up and down,
While the other wants to stay straight.
And A to Z,
They're so very far apart,
Just let me know,
Let me know,
Where you want me to start.
Alpha to Omega,
Yeah, it's all Greek to me,
But you might go ask Poseidon,
Who lives down under the sea.
All songs must have a life span,
From the first note to the last,
Almost like a baby,
To an old man's last breath.
It's tough to do it right,
When you know some is left,
Get somewhere in the middle,
And you'll get a balanced quest.

©1999-2019 Steve Bujanow

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