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Artificial Intelligence

Wisest of the wise,
Evil has a disguise,
Everything in moderation,
Don't let your bad words collide.
Smartness is futile,
Treasure hunting a big joke,
Looking for knowledge,
In a big, old, sunken boat.
My old lunch box,
Was the best part of school,
When teachers tried to teach me,
The good old golden rule.
I'm not lying now,
This world's in bad shape,
It needs a lot more exercise,
For the tough and for the weak.
Artificial intelligence,
The robots are on our backs,
They like to rule the organic teens,
That don't like to eat Big Macs.
So we all continue on,
Working are trying to get by,
Walking through the mall,
Buying lots of fashion ties.

©1999-2018 Steve Bujanow

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