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Does the tree feel pain?
When it grows to the sky?
Is this just a question?
That I ask while I cry?
The first world?
The third world?
But what is in between?
It seems to be such,
A strange or weird extreme.
And the buried time capsule,
Is not like a pill you take,
It doesn't taste bad,
But always stays in the same place.
The universe is round,
This is my little theory,
Am I right or wrong?
Please tell me before I'm married.
A mournful mammal,
Breathing in the air of existence,
Living in no man's land,
Or somewhere that's inconsistent.
An organized storm,
Might be coming your own way,
But keep your head up,
So you'll enjoy your next day.

©1999-2018 Steve Bujanow

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