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Trying to be Rhombus

My metal detector,
Won't help me find love,
Unless it's the tin man,
Living in the land of Oz.
I want to stay curious,
So don't hold me back,
I'll use my imagination,
If I'm stuck in an attack.
Being bionic,
Is a superhuman feat,
With x-ray eyes,
I know I cannot compete.
I try to be rhombus,
But I turn out being square,
When you hang around alone,
You go play solitaire.
On the wing,
Do you know the magpie?
It will talk to you,
Then you listen and reply.
This chatty crow,
A collector of many objects,
It seems like he,
Wants to own a lot of substance.

©1999-2018 Steve Bujanow

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