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In Style for a while

Who looks good?
It's in the eye of the beholder,
But why not use both eyes,
To look someone over?
The appeal that a face can get,
And also the body will count,
Tells you how you fair,
Like staying in or going out.
Attractive looks,
Is a blessing or just luck,
Wear the right fashions,
And they might be awestruck.
Do clothes really make the man?
It's often told and said,
Taking off the covers, though,
We'll make things less complex.
Plaids, stripes, solids,
Or funny looking ties,
To wear around your neck,
Either thin or either wide.
To be in style,
Or not being with the times,
Go get an orange jumpsuit,
To keep it off your mind.

©1999-2018 Steve Bujanow

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