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Almost 33 1/3

Almost 33 1/3,
My life has been spinning,
Like a record moving in circles,
But are these years considered many?
Now flip that black disc,
Because side one has now been heard,
It's time for the second,
Its grooves are textured.
This is not an eye show,
But a play for both ears,
Listen to good music,
Or make it your career.
Ep's, 45's, or even 78's,
Whatever you want to call it,
You hope the needle won't break.
The wax is pressed and molded,
And made into good shape,
Not on a special diet,
It will have a round physique.
Hi-fi or in stereo,
The DJ does his job,
He's in phonograph heaven,
The two turntables won't stop.

©1999-2019 Steve Bujanow

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