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Food For Thought

In more ways than one,
No one needs to own a gun,
But if you do,
Don't look through the barrel of the sun.
Food for thought,
Also called thinking beef,
It breathes and lives,
And then you want to eat.
It's just so good,
To sit back and relax,
But work too much,
And it costs you too much tax.
The prey prays on a meal,
And flies around on high,
Catching his food,
He won't let it pass him by.
The chorus comes now,
As it usually always does,
But say something interesting,
Or just fall into the mud.
It's always for the best,
To give back to the world of life,
Singing ideas to entertain,
But also to enlight.

©1999-2018 Steve Bujanow

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