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You know the CEO,
Has no lunch money,
But has the stock,
In his great big company.
It's for no one else to say,
If you have the creative juices,
It's like a bag of tricks,
And you don't want to lose it.
To take up the action,
It won't be distracting,
Like a bug that buzzes,
And is not your companion.
It's as hard as apples,
Go take a large bite,
Go and crunch it loud,
And don't be polite.
The mad, angry dog,
Barks out all the commands,
He has a long tail,
But a very short lifespan.
He's not the silent type,
He makes all the noise,
He's on a metal chain,
And always lives outdoors.

©1999-2018 Steve Bujanow

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