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Think and Feel

Win or lose,
There's nothing other,
Just sit around the house,
And thy game is over.
Will my memory live?
In a sturdy bank vault?
I lost the key,
It is my fault.
It's another phrase,
From head to pen,
Will the ink run out?
Or be a lasting friend?
An end to peace,
An end to war,
If this ever happened,
You couldn't keep score.
Can the sun turn blue?
When it shines on you?
Pushing through clouds,
On a breezy afternoon?
You're in charge,
Govern what's inside,
It's all you have,
You're one of a kind.
What do you mean?
What do you say?
I'm hearing the words,
Which make you cliché.
A simile can shout out,
Like a bear with clout,
As he walks through the forest,
Growling with his strong mouth.
Think with your heart,
Feel with your brain,
Did you hear this right?
I'll just say it again.

©1999-2018 Steve Bujanow

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