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Far Away

Tender wish,
It comes and goes,
Like singing notes,
Or saying prose.
A soft, hard rock,
On the warm white sand,
When a man talks a lot,
He comes out bland.
It's too late,
To wonder why,
Don't take the walk,
The well runs dry.
Out in the sky,
It's painted black,
No rain or snow,
No turning back.
What follows now,
Is what's supposed to be,
Don't break the door,
Without a key.
It's totally sad,
How things have changed,
Life ends up,
Oh, so strange.
It's OK,
The blind man sees,
He makes the world,
A big trapeze.
Back to nature,
It's so well made,
High-tech life,
I'd rather trade.
I'd love the world,
If it was a different place,
Just take the bad,
And spray it with mace.
I wish these words,
Will never fade,
And carry me,
So far away...

©1999-2018 Steve Bujanow

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