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Impression Direction

Herein lies the six-legged insect journey,
So green he roams,
With his two antennae.
What is your first impression?
Or your second, third, or fourth?
What is your direction?
Or north?
Tornados are not our friends,
Long story short,
Don't downplay my existence.
I'll open now,
With my artistic temperment,
I've paid my dues,
I have contentment.
They're a dime a dozen,
Those insignificant others,
Put your hands together,
For your sisters and brothers.
Sweet Reality
You must realize,
That music and rhyme will combine,
Is this all I can do,
During my lifetime?
Believe in logic,
Though weird words may burst,
Keep your mind together,
Sweet reality comes first.
You are a person of interest,
You're easy on the eyes,
Clean up on aisle 11,
I could not live without creation.
Don't reinvent the wheel,
Do what you must,
Even if it's just stream of consciousness.

©1999-2019 Steve Bujanow

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